When I first came to New Dimensions I had no hope of running because I had injured my Achillies' Tendon and had been in intense pain for several years. Rebecca identified that there was a problem with my foot mechanics causing strain to my Achillies' tendon. She recommended that I try orthotics and after I began running with the orthotics she designed, I was able to train and run injury free for a whole year. Recently, I re-injured my Achillies' again because I raced without my orthotics. That made me even more sure that it was these devices that made the difference for me I am amazed at how well Rebecca understands the body and is able to find a solution to every problem. She has been able to instill joy and hope in me whenever I have been injured. Making orthotics is what Rebecca is known for but her skill also lies in rehabilitating injuries. There have been times when I have come in with an intense pain in my hamstring and she was able to relieve in less than an hour. She is an amazing physical therapist and I would recommend her to any friend. She does what she does because she truly comes from the heart and wants to help people.

- Gilbert Tuhabonye

Rebecca Kern Steiner has been my physical therapist, as I have moved through my eighth decade of life. She arrives with an aura of energy and life emanating from her. Even on days I resist exercising, I find myself infused with her enthusiasm as she takes me through the series of moves that help to strengthen me and alleviate the aches of arthritis, and yes old age! I admire Rebecca's professionalism and think of her as a friend.

- Lady Bird Johnson

Before I came to New Dimensions, my pain was so intense that the repeated advice I received was to take anti-inflammatories and reduce my physical activity. Doing a triathlon was the farthest possibility from my mind. I felt like a fragile old man at the age of 39. The personalized care, treatment, and education that I received at New Dimensions was amazing. I now feel like I'll be 39 forever and am thankful to have regained my physical potential. My body dramatically improved in alignment, strength, endurance, and decreased pain. And it was this experience with these therapists that inspired me to create and complete the Trilogy Triathlon.

- John Price

Executive Vice President, Trilogy Software

Through two difficult spinal injuries ? first an extremely debilitating lumbar disc herniation and then a painful whiplash after being rear-ended by a drunk driver --I've relied on the wonderful therapists at New Dimensions to jump-start my recovery and help get me back to a normal level of functioning. And they haven't let me down yet.

These people are so highly skilled and experienced. Sometimes I'm just amazed at all the things they know how to do to help you get better fast. Even after the first session, I felt results that made a real difference in the quality of my life. Plus, everybody at New Dimensions is so friendly and supportive, you feel like you have the whole team behind you in addition to your own terrific one-on-one therapist.

Today, I'm able to work, play, and take care of my family with strength and vitality that wouldn't have been possible without the excellent care I've received at New Dimensions. Would I recommend them? Absolutely! They certainly worked wonders for me!

- Shelley Anderson

Since 1995, I have not been able to run more than 12 miles without injury. Determined to run the 2001 Motorola Marathon, I chose to receive physical therapy treatments at New Dimensions as I was building up my mileage. I began therapy five months prior to the marathon and throughout my training. Without the physical therapy I received at New Dimensions, I am convinced I would not have been successful in training for and completing the marathon. Unlike many physical therapy clinics, the physical therapists at New Dimensions provide one-on-one therapy sessions. In addition to their superior knowledge base, they show genuine empathy for their clients and concern for their welfare.

- Kathy Saucedo

When I found that I had to have knee surgery, I chose New Dimensions for the follow- up physical therapy. The staff at New Dimensions is not only professional and effective, but also caring and mindful. An added bonus was their location at The Hills, one of the best fitness centers in Austin. My therapist Kathryn Smathers has access to the pool there for some wonderful aquatic therapy. I have been very happy with my choice, and my knee is doing very well.

? Lisa Tipps

Having been a runner for 17 years and training for my first marathon, I began to experience debilitating pain in my right foot. I went to New Dimensions Physical Therapy expecting them to confirm my suspicion that I would have to give up my goal. However, after video taping my running and analyzing my technique, one of the therapists was able to identify a nueroma and treated the area, which immediately relieved the source of pain. She also prescribed exercises and gave helpful information to keep from getting a repeat injury. Being a runner herself she was empathetic of my desire to reach my goal and was very encouraging of my attempts. I was extremely impressed with the staff's attentiveness and effectiveness in treating my injury. I was able to run the marathon pain free. Thank you New Dimensions!

- Shannon Ede

"My first therapy session at New Dimensions followed a prolonged period of constant pain, caused by sciatica. I was distressed, but also skeptical about any possibility of release from my misery. Very shorty, I started to turn the corner, with my therapy having a high impact on my condition. A combination of work by my therapist and following an individually prescribed set of exercises, resulted in the pure and simple pleasure of a pain-free lifestyle. Not only was I cured, I also have a greatly enhanced awareness of my physical self, which is an enduring gift."

-- Henry Olejnik

Last year I completed three Ironman triathlons and couldn't afford downtime due to injuries. I relied on the expertise of the theorists at New Dimensions and found them to have extensive knowledge, especially of sports-related biomechanics. Consequently I learned how to use my body more efficiently and to correct imbalances when they occurred. My completion times were better than I ever expected, and I remained injury-free both in training and the events. I attribute these results largely to the efforts of the New Dimensions staff. They want you to achieve your goals, regardless of whether it is to be pain-free or to finish an Ironman. New Dimensions Physical Therapy can help you get there.

- Penny Handsel

Thank you, Rebecca, for getting me injury-free to and through Ironman Australia!

On April 8, 2001 I finished Ironman Australia in 9 hours and 47 minutes. I then qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. This was my 8th Ironman, the first one since 1994. Last fall, when I decided to train for Ironman Australia, I started seeing Rebecca Kern Steiner from New Dimensions Physical Therapy. "Many things can make or break a successful Ironman training program. One of the most important aspects is to stay healthy and injury-free. I had problems with injuries when training for Ironman races in the past. The reason why I did not have any problems at all this year, when training for Australia, is Rebecca from New Dimensions. She has been fantastic, she analyzed my mechanical weaknesses and set up an exercise plan to strengthen the weak areas. Not only have I stayed injury-free the whole year, I also believe that I can continue to improve my Ironman performance through her program. Thank you again, Rebecca!

- Stephan Schwarze

I suffered agonizing back pain for two years before seeking physical therapy. I was under the assumption nobody could fully recover from a back injury. New Dimensions proved that assumption false. In just one short year, I have gone from a state of daily pain to being almost fully recovered. The real proof of how strong my back has become came six months after I began my therapy, when I was in a serious car accident. My back was not hurt. New Dimensions intense dedication to every patient's health and well being is rare in today's world. I've never met anyone who is more in love with their job than my therapist. New Dimensions made me feel like family, not just a patient.

- Melissa Taylor

I am 44 years old and have been running regularly since high school. About 2 years ago I developed a problem in my right calf. After running for about 20 minutes, the muscle would give out and I'd limp home. After a very frustrating 6 months of this, I went to New Dimensions. I was filmed running on a treadmill and the problem was diagnosed literally, in seconds. My therapist made a small adjustment in my running stride and suggested some muscle strengthening exercises. Since then, I've been running, up to 9 miles a day, pain free. I've been so pleased that I recommend New Dimensions constantly to friends who also suffer from running injuries.

- Jamie McNally

For more than six years, I have been a patient of New Dimensions. Over the years, my therapist never gave up on me. I was slow on the uptake, but now after following her suggestions for years, I am at least 80% free of chronic pain I'd had for about 35 years. Her persistence reflects a deep understanding of her own profession, of human nature, and most of all individual need. In great measure, I owe my active life to New Dimensions.

- Judy Hamlin Ph. D.

I have been competing in triathlons for about three years, but last fall I began to have problems with my knee. I just couldn't continue running without pain. New Dimensions designed a program for me, and over several physical therapy sessions, my therapist modified the program in response to my progress. After working hard at all of my new exercises, I was able to return to running without pain, and completed the Danskin Triathlon in June.

- Jeanne Broussard

Gilbert Tuhabonye...

*Olympian 1996

*National Champion, 7 Times

*All American, 12 Times

*2002 Winner of Capitol 10,000

*2002 Winner of Distance Challenge

*Texas Monthly Magazine, feature article

*2004 Olympics




"I've been so pleased that I recommend New Dimensions constantly to friends who also suffer from running injuries."

-Jaime McNally



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